Energize Every Workout

Steady Boost, Zero Crash

Supercharge your exercise from spin class to cardio to climbing—and all the other ways you work out. Burn fat, curb hunger and optimize energy levels from start to finish. When you’re warming up pre-workout UCAN provides steady energy to see you through.

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A blue flame icon representing optimizing fat burn.

Fat Burn


Easy on
the Stomach

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Build Lean Muscle

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Replenish Electrolytes


Energy + Protein 

Protein Powder 


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Long Lasting Energy

Energy Powder

Tropical Orange

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Stay Hydrated

Electrolye Packets



Fuel On the Go

Energy Bars

Chocolate Almond Butter


Workouts Powered by LIVSTEADY

We’ve all felt our energy levels dip in the middle of exercising. LIVSTEADY fights that fatigue with slow-release energy that stays steady from beginning to end. It’s the only low-glycemic carb of its kind, and it’s designed to help you do it right. 


Steady Energy, Unlocked

Can something that tastes this great be good for your workout? UCAN answers that question with no added sugar or stimulants—nothing but clean, science-backed energy for every kind of exercise. Fuel up for however you exercise, curb hunger and get energy that lasts.

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The UCAN Difference


"Mixing the Performance Energy + Protein in with my whey powder along with other goodies in my smoothie helps me recover while keeping me satisfied for hours."



"I love the taste of these energy bars! I eat one before a workout and can feel the energy right away. it’s also a good snack I like to have while working if I need a pick me up. Highly recommend"

— Bridget


"I use UCAN two ways. First, it is a great mid-afternoon alternative to a sugary snack. I tend to want to grab something post lunch which then puts me on the blood sugar roller coaster. When I grab a chocolate peanut butter energy bar I am satiated until dinner."

— Kristen

The best foods for long-lasting energy.

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Energy That Performs

Get a boost pre-workout that carries you through to the very last stretch or rep. With 75+ minutes of slow-release energy, UCAN's products are more effective than others that bring on sugar highs, jitters and crashes. Bars are easy to stash in your gym bag or jacket pocket, and packed with flavor—you’ll reach for them again and again.

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