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edge-straw-banana-box-pouch.png__PID:a07bd4fb-540d-4fe9-8bb4-1dd3053164bbLasting Energy

Edge Energy Gel

Strawberry Banana

chocolate-almond-bar-1-1024x1024_750x.webp__PID:5536b063-cb5e-4599-b0b6-5d9a8dff4053Satisfy Hunger

Energy Bar

Chocolate Almond Butter

energy-plus-protein-chocolate-1-1024x1024_750x.webp__PID:b063cb5e-d599-40b6-9d9a-8dff40538a92Build Lean Muscle

Protein Powder


tropical orange.webp__PID:f48a6c51-2f4e-4924-b291-fb5b3e4544d9No Spikes, No Crashes

Energy Powder

Tropical Orange

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Trusted by the best.

UCAN has helped me fuel better in training and races, stabilizing my energy and keeping me from crashing during and after workouts.

— Emily Sisson, American Marathon Record Holder

Go further with clean energy.

Focused carbs take you farther—that’s where UCAN comes in. It’s streamlined, steady energy that’s released slowly as you move. So you can forget about the spike, crash and stomach discomfort of traditional sugary energy products.

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A lineup of UCAN products, including a Berry Hydrate jar, Strawberry Banana Edge energy gel box, Cran Raz energy powder tub, Cookies n Cream Energy + Protein bag, Chocolate Almond Butter Energy Bar box, and Hydrate + Aminos Packets.
A woman taking a UCAN Chocolate Almond Butter energy bar from a runner's pouch.

Powered by LIVSTEADY

UCAN’s proprietary, low glycemic carbohydrate breaks down slowly, delivering long-lasting energy with no spike and crash. Clinically proven to help keep blood sugar stable, LIVSTEADY supports sustained performance, enhanced fat burn and optimal energy levels.


Don't just take our word...


"The Edge provides a steady and comfortable release of energy whether it is warm enough to run outside or I am on the treadmill in the basement."

— Jim G.


"Used the Strawberry Banana energy gels for the first time at a cross country running race last Sunday and felt the strongest I have all season."

— Dave D.


"I absolutely loved these! I’ve only tried the strawberry banana but I’m looking forward to trying all the other flavors. The texture of these gels are what make them great, they have much more fluidity than all the others, and the flavor is pretty good. I didn’t need to drink water after taking it which to me is a plus!"

— Carol C.