The LIVSTEADY™ Experience


LIVSTEADY™ (formerly known as SuperStarch) is UCAN’s proprietary low-glycemic, complex carbohydrate that is changing the way athletes train. This unique, natural, plant-based ingredient is the first of its kind – purposefully designed to work with your body, not against it, delivering long-lasting energy you can feel.

Say goodbye to spikes and crashes, and say hello to LIVSTEADY™ – the perfect way to power your day.

Studies have shown LIVSTEADY delivers long-lasting energy and maintains stable blood glucose levels without the highs and lows associated with sugary foods. It’s also proven in multiple clinical trials to significantly increase levels of fat burn during exercise and improve focus during activity.

The Difference Is Night And Day.

Sugar-laden “energy” products provide a brief boost, quickly followed by a slump that can leave you feeling unfocused and unmotivated. The LIVSTEADY™ experience is different.

With a unique, time-release profile, LIVSTEADY™ allows your body to access energy consistently thought the day, unlocking your natural ability to stay focused and calm. LIVSTEADY™ provides the fuel you need to meet your daily challenges and reach your goals – at home, work, the gym, or wherever else you want to be at your best.

The New Standard in Sports Nutrition.

LIVSTEADY’s™ ability to deliver steady energy over time, while also keeping blood sugar levels stable, has made UCAN a foundational pillar of nutrition for athletes and active people at all levels.

Athletes, trainers, and nutritionists agree: Stable blood sugar provides steady energy to both the muscles and the brain, improves metabolic fitness, and also helps control cravings.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials conducted on LIVSTEADY™ demonstrate that it uniquely delivers long-lasting energy, maintains stable blood sugar, and is different from the other types of carbohydrates commonly used in sports nutrition products. Dive in and learn more about the science.

LIVSTEADY™ Endurance Cycling Study

In the first clinical trial on LIVSTEADY™ for athletes, ten highly trained cyclists ingested either LIVSTEADY™ or Maltodextrin while providing blood and expired gas samples every 15 and 30 min, respectively, before, during, and after exercise. The major outcome variables were glucose, insulin, fatty acids, glycerol, and fat oxidation during and after exercise. There was a rapid increase in blood glucose immediately after the ingestion of Maltodextrin pre- and post-exercise, which was significantly attenuated by LIVSTEADY™.

In a similar manner, serum insulin levels were markedly higher after Maltodextrin compared to LIVSTEADY™. Peak insulin levels were more than 8-fold higher after ingestion of Maltodextrin compared to LIVSTEADY™.

LIVSTEADY™ was associated with greater fat breakdown during exercise and recovery as indicated by significantly increased serum non-esterified fatty acids and glycerol levels. There was also a trend for lower respiratory exchange ratios in the LIVSTEADY™ trial compared to Maltodextrin indicating increased oxidation of fat.

In summary, the findings from this carefully controlled experiment confirmed our belief that LIVSTEADY™ would significantly alter metabolic responses to exercise and promote more efficient utilization of fat while maintaining blood glucose levels.

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LIVSTEADY™ Endurance Running Study

The consumption of a single bolus of CHO beverage prior to a 3hr run elicits significant alterations in energy metabolism compared to just water, with slow CHO (LIVSTEADY™) burning significantly less total carbohydrate and more fat than a rapidly digested (Maltodextrin) carbohydrate. The LIVSTEADY™ CHO provided a more stable and consistent energy metabolism profile, in addition to the most stable glucose concentration during the run. These findings provide evidence that slow absorption CHO (LIVSTEADY™) provides consistent blood glucose and sustained exogenous energy supply during a sustained 3-hr endurance run when given in a single bolus.

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LIVSTEADY™ Soccer Skills Performance Study

The ingestion of LIVSTEADY™ in comparison with dextrose before and at halftime of a simulated soccer match attenuated the decline seen in soccer skills during the second half of the match and lowered RER throughout most of the match suggesting a possible carbohydrate sparing effect.

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