Protein + Energy

The supercharged formula packs a punch of protein, flavor and energy. It’s formulated to help build lean muscle and balance hunger, while delivering sustained, crash-free fuel.

Satisfies Hunger

Build Lean Muscle

UCAN Protein + Energy Powder lineup

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Chocolate Energy + Protein Powder
Vanilla Energy + Protein Powder
Cookies & Cream Energy + Protein Powder
Cocoa Energy + Protein Powder
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Edge Starter Pack
Energy Bar Starter Pack
Energy Starter Pack
Hydrate Starter Pack
Training Starter Pack
Edge Energy Stay Stocked Bundle
Energy Bar Stay Stocked Bundle
Energy Powder Stay Stocked Bundle
Hydrate Jar Stay Stocked Bundle
Energy + Protein Stay Stocked Bundle
Training Bundle


Go Further Bundle
On-The-Go Energy Bundle
All-In Energy Bundle
Energy Powder Packet Bundle
Energy and Electrolyte Bundle
Energy Boost Bundle

How To Use


Mix 2 scoops (1 serving) of low sugar Protein + Energy with 8-12 oz. of a low sugar beverage (e.g. unsweetened almond milk) and shake vigorously.


Blend with other healthy, lower sugar ingredients for an energy-sustaining meal replacement shake.


Enjoy immediately after a strength-training workout, for repairing muscles post-workout and hours of steady energy afterwards.

Quotation Mark

"Great for a quick breakfast. Tasty and provides that quick burst of energy. Love it with some coconut milk and banana."

Quotation Mark

"I look forward to my protein shake after every hard workout. I’ve noticed my recovery is better as I’m not nearly as sore."

Quotation Mark

"Provides great energy for my long runs from 13 - 20+ miles. UCAN works just as advertised."

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