Energy for the Road Ahead.

Less sugar, more energy.

Put the brakes on mid-ride fatigue. Crafted specifically for cyclists, Edge is long-lasting, easy on the stomach and easy to stash on the go—eliminating the need for constant snacking on the long ride ahead.

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Fat Burn


Easy on
the Stomach


No Mid-Ride 


Replenish Electrolytes

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Edge Energy Gel

Strawberry Banana

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Edge Energy Gel


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Hydrate Powder



Trusted by Cyclists

"I love how easy it is to transport and take in when I am on the go — which is practically always!"

— Katie Zafares, Triathlete Olympic Medalist

Cycle Further with Clean Energy

Focused carbs take you farther—that’s where Edge comes in. It’s streamlined, steady energy that’s released slowly over the course of your ride. So you can forget about constant snacking, stomach discomfort and concentrate on what matters: the ride.

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A lineup of UCAN products, including a Berry Hydrate jar, Strawberry Banana Edge energy gel box, Cran Raz energy powder tub, Cookies n Cream Energy + Protein bag, Chocolate Almond Butter Energy Bar box, and Hydrate + Aminos Packets.
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Powered by LIVSTEADY

UCAN’s patented low-glycemic carb that breaks down slowly over time, LIVSTEADY, is ahead of the pack. It’s long-lasting low-glycemic sugar-free fuel that delivers smooth and steady energy unlike any other. 


Why Cyclists Count on Edge


“I used to eat Cliff bars and my wife said, "That's so much sugar". When I finally found UCAN I was like wow finally I can have a fuel which doesn't have any sugar in it.”

— Rob G.


“Love these energy gels, so easy in the stomach and they taste great. They’re also the perfect texture to consume without water!”

— Kathleen L.


"The steady release of sustained energy was just what I needed to avoid the ups and downs caused by sugary products."

— Lou B.

The best foods for long-lasting energy.

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