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Emily Sisson's Marathon Nutrition Plan

Emily Sisson's Marathon Nutrition Plan

Emily Sisson is the top-ranked marathon runner heading into the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. She's the American Marathon Record Holder (set in 2022) and was the first American woman to cross the finish line at the 2022 Chicago Marathon in 2:18:29.

Over the past few years Emily has perfected her race nutrition plan, from what she eats the night before her race to how she fuels with UCAN on race day.

The American Marathon Record Holder outlined her marathon nutrition plan below to give us insight into her racing success. 

Pre-Race Dinner:

  • For her pre-race dinner, Emily pairs a carbohydrate with lean protein: like rice or pasta with chicken or salmon

  • She keeps it basic. The night before the race, Emily cuts back on high fiber foods and focuses instead on easy-to-digest food.

  • In addition to a balanced meal, Emily drinks UCAN Energy Powder and Hydrate on the nights leading up to her race to build a solid foundation of carbohydrates and electrolytes. 

Pre-Race Breakfast:


During Race:

Post-Race Recovery:

  • Emily makes a shake with 1 serving of Cocoa UCAN Energy + Protein Powder mixed with oat milk immediately after the race.

  • She has a full meal with more protein and carbohydrates a few hours after she finishes running.

Emily's Long Run Tips: 

    • Wake up early to beat the heat!

    • Hydrate with electrolytes before, every four miles, and after finishing your run. 

    • Choose run locations that offer a good amount of shade to keep cool, especially in the summer months. 

    • For the first few miles, warm up slowly and run at a comfortable pace. Then once you feel relaxed, you can pick up your pace for the remaining miles of your long run. 

    • Emily’s pro tip: “Remember: it is always okay to adjust your pace based on how you feel each day!” 

    • Fuel every 4 miles with a gel or drink. (Emily likes UCAN Edge to fuel her long runs.)

    • Treat yourself afterwards! Emily loves post-run doughnuts or sandwiches.


    Emily’s Pre-Marathon Priorities: 

    • Sleep 8+ hours in the weeks and months leading up to the race. 

    • Focus on things that relax you, NOT stress you out. Emily loves reading, FaceTimes with friends, and getting off social media. 

    • Hydrate yourself fully and fuel well before your race. 

    • Ask yourself, “How am I feeling?” Staying attuned to your body’s signals will tell you if you need to lighten your training load or turn it up. 

      • Emily says, “Check in with your own body! Can I push harder today or is it time to pull back and give my body the rest it needs to become even stronger?” 

    • Resistance training is key to keeping your body strong as you add on the mileage to train for a race. Emily’s favorite exercises are: 

      • Monster walks (stomping with band around the tops of your shoes)

      • Lateral band walks

      • Clamshells with band

      • RDL pull through with band

      • Elevated bridges with band

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