Energy Powder

One scoop. 90 minutes of energy. Zero sugar. Our flagship workout fuel delivers sustained energy with no spike and crash, so you can finish as strong as you started.

Long Lasting

Zero Sugar

Energy Powder
Energy Powder Packets (12 Pack)

Energy Powder Packets (12 Pack)

Tropical Orange Energy Powder Packets (12 Pack)


Tropical Orange Energy Tub

Tropical Orange Energy Tub

Tropical Orange


Cran Raz Energy Tub


Unflavored Energy Powder


Cocoa Delite Energy Tub


Lemon Energy Tub


Blender Bottle

Starter Packs + Bundles

Edge Starter Pack
Energy Bar Starter Pack
Energy Starter Pack
Hydrate Starter Pack
Training Starter Pack
Edge Energy Stay Stocked Bundle
Hydrate Jar Stay Stocked Bundle
Energy + Protein Stay Stocked Bundle
Energy Bar Stay Stocked Bundle
Training Bundle


Go Further Bundle
On-The-Go Energy Bundle
Energy Powder Packet Bundle
Energy Powder Stay Stocked Bundle
Energy and Electrolyte Bundle
Energy Boost Bundle

How To Use


Mix UCAN Energy Powder with 8 to 12 oz. of water and shake vigorously.


Consume UCAN Energy Powder 30 minutes before exercise.


Each serving delivers 90+ minutes of steady energy for intense exercise.

Quotation Mark

With UCAN, I have never suffered from the symptoms of low blood sugar during workouts.

Quotation Mark

Rarely does a product do everything it claims. But, I decided to give UCAN a try. My reaction? 'Wow!'

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