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3 Ways to Fuel Your Day with UCAN Energy bars

3 Ways to Fuel Your Day with UCAN Energy bars
UCAN Energy Bars curb cravings and deliver a healthy, sustained energy boost by stabilizing blood sugar. Here are 3 ways to incorporate them into your day.

1) On-the-go breakfast

How you start each morning impacts how the rest of your day will go. Do you ever wake up late, rush out your door, and feel frazzled all day - not to mention hungry? Busy mornings don’t have to prevent you from starting your day with a meal that will keep you satisfied and your blood sugar steady. “There does not have to be a specific breakfast time window,” says Registered Dietitian Lauren Mitchell, “but rather start your day with a meal/snack that will support your goals and energy while balancing your blood sugar.” UCAN Energy Bars are the perfect opportunity to start your day-to-day nutrition the right way. Eat one as-is, or slather on some UCAN Almond Butter for even more healthy calories to tide you over to lunch time. (Rumor has it that Triathlon World Champion Tim O’Donnell loves his with extra almond butter too!).

2) Healthy snack that actually fills you up

You’ve eaten a solid breakfast, had lunch, but by the time 3 PM comes around, you feel like looking in every corner of your pantry for something to get through the day. Instead of reaching for something that won’t keep you full (like a bag of chips or a candy bar), grab a great-tasting UCAN Energy Bar that satisfies hunger and provides long-lasting satiety. The slow-release of calories from UCAN Energy Bars won’t cause the spike and crash in blood sugar levels that often leads to overeating. Scott, an age-group triathlete and longtime UCAN user says, "UCAN Energy Bars have become my afternoon healthy snack at work. They help provide the necessary fuel I need to get through my afternoon meetings and curb the sugar cravings (like a candy bar) that I have used to go to in the past."

3) Sugar Swap

Let’s face it, we all have a sweet tooth at some point or another. Whether you call it dessert or a late night snack - choose something that will fulfill your desire for something sweet but won’t divert your health goals! Enter our Cherry Berry Almond Bar - perfectly sweet but healthy, as its only sugars come from real fruit. A key to metabolic health and fitness (while staying sane) is learning to fill your day with healthy choices that still excite you! Mo Alkhawaldeh, head coach for the Princeton Running Club, knows how our daily choices affect our overall fitness. He says, "when balancing training with full-time work and everything else in life, it’s the little things - like snacks and nutrition - that add up to make the difference! UCAN makes it easy to make the right nutrition choices to train hard and succeed when time is tight." The UCAN Energy Bars are a perfect choice to satiate your sweet tooth while also providing a healthy, blood-sugar balancing option.
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