The same steady energy with a new, refreshed look!

Looking for an energy bar that matches your drive? Perfect for those on-the-go, the UCAN Chocolate Energy Bar delivers 75+ minutes of continuous energy. Savor the rich, low sugar fudge flavor, and say goodbye to hunger distractions. It's a masterful blend of taste and function. Stash one in your bar for a pre-workout snack or an energizing midday boost.


It’s UCAN’s revolutionary complex carbohydrate that delivers steady-release energy over time, eliminating the spike and crash in glucose levels and the general jitters caused by sugar and other fast carbs. Maintaining stable blood sugar allows for better daily energy, workout endurance, hunger control, and metabolic health.

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Low Sugar*

60+ Minutes of Energy

Satisfies Hunger


*Not a low calories food

Everything You Need To Push Further

Unleash long-lasting energy and curb cravings the guilt-free way with the Chocolate Fudge Energy Bar. Our delicious chocolate covered, fudge Energy Bars are perfect for energy on the go that remains easy on the stomach.

Ditch the Sugar Crash

Cutting down on sugar is a sweeter way to sustain performance. Get a steady stream of energy without the spikes and crashes.

Feel Full Longer

Take control of your hunger the UCAN way and stay full longer with a snack that that curbs cravings and unlocks long-lasting energy.

Loaded with Flavor

Made to crave, guaranteed to satisfy. Loaded with decadent, low sugar chocolate fudge energy.

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