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Boston & Beyond: Panel Discussion on Training, Fueling, and Staying Inspired

Boston & Beyond: Panel Discussion on Training, Fueling, and Staying Inspired

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Episode Summary:

This is a special episode featuring UCAN's Boston Marathon panel discussion with some of the most inspirational and accomplished runners in the world today. The discussion was hosted by Olympian Carrie Tollefson and Marathon Training Academy Podcast Host Angie Spencer. The panel featured the following runners:
  • Meb Keflezighi, Boston Marathon Champion, 4x U.S. Olympian
  • Emily Sisson, 2020 U.S. Olympian, Pro Runner
  • Emma Bates, 2nd Place at 2021 Chicago Marathon, Pro Runner
  • Tommie Runz, First Time Boston Marathon Runner
This discussion is packed with helpful insights that can help you up your game. All of the panelists talk about the mindset they had that helped them successfully navigate the past few years with the pandemic. They also talk about their current training situations and how they’re preparing for some of the big races on their 2022 calendars. If you ran the Boston Marathon or plan on running it next year, you’ll love the stories they share about their experiences running the Boston Marathon and tips to run it well. And of course, they share how they fuel with UCAN and why they love it so much. Get ready for some of the best tips on mindset, nutrition, training, injury prevention and so much more with this special Boston Marathon episode!


Episode Notes:

3:37 - The story behind UCAN…

5:52 - Quick histories of Meb’s, Emma’s, Emily’s, and Tommy’s usage of UCAN products…
7:08 - UCAN’s gel, Edge
9:34 - Coach Rick’s story of triumph…
10:34 I- ntroductions of panel Angie Spencer, Carrie Tollefson, Emma Bates, Emily Sisson, Tommy Bailey Runz, and Meb Keflezighi.
14:32 - Handling the last couple of years…
18:25 - Who has training partners?
24:05 - “No matter if you're a slower runner or faster runner, whatever it is, we all go through that sufferfest together.”
25:15 - Is Meb really retired?
27:38 - “How many of you guys know where you were, on April 15th, 2013?”
32:18 - Angie’s 3rd Boston…
34:43 - Race tidbits from Meb…
37:15 - Tommy’s advice… 3
9:02 - “This is an exam, but hopefully, it's a fun exam and it just shows the work that's been done.”
40:12 - Preparation in the last 24-48 hours…
42:48 - Handling the pressure of the race…
44:59 - How the panelists fuel…
50:39 - The beauty of the strawberry banana “treat”
54:27 - Injury prevention tips…
58:49 - “What does it mean when you guys say you got to listen to your body?”
1:07:32 - Sobriety and veganism…
1:14:03 - Nasal strips in the shoe…
1:15:57 - Weather challenges, taking caffeine, and being in this space…
1:22:58 - What do you want to see the sport become? –Tommy’s take…
Panel Guests:
Meb Keflezighi - Website | Instagram | Twitter
Emily Sisson - Instagram | Twitter
Emma Bates - Instagram | Twitter Tommie Bailey - Instagram
Carrie Tollefson - website | Instagram | Twitter
Angie Spencer - Instagram | Twitter
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