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Keira D'Amato's Running and Nutrition Tips

Keira D'Amato's Running and Nutrition Tips

Keira D'Amato is a professional distance runner and the current American Women's 10-Mile Record Holder. She set the American Marathon Record in January 2022 and the American Half Marathon Record in 2023, both which have since been broken.

Keira was an All-American runner in college, but took a long break from competitive running to pursue a career as a realtor, get married and have two kids. She returned to pro running in 2016, after a 7-year break, and has been running her fastest times across all distances since then.

Keira D’Amato’s Running Tips


  • Mindset is everything! Before a hard workout or a race, think of a short but powerful mantra to repeat to yourself when it gets tough out there. 
  • It’s amazing to push yourself, but even better to push others to achieve as well. After breaking the American Women’s record for Half-Marathon, Keira told us that she looks forward to congratulating the next woman to move the bar forward.
  • Crosstrain! In addition to her running workouts, Keira makes sure to add in hip and ankle mobility sessions, yoga, and pilates to her weekly training sessions to stay flexible and strong. 

Keira D'Amato's Marathon Nutrition Plan 

Keira's balanced breakfast combined with the Edge Energy Gels sets her up for her fast races. It is vital to include long-lasting carbohydrates in your race day nutrition to keep your energy levels steady throughout the whole race.  

Pre-Race Breakfast:

  • Oatmeal with Chia Seeds
  • UCAN Energy (1 Scoop, Cran Raz Energy mixed with 12 oz water)
  • Coffee
  • Sipped on UCAN Energy all morning (a second bottle of 1 scoop Cran Raz mixed with 12 oz of water)

During the Race: 

  • UCAN Edge every 10k while racing; 3-4 total gels during race (Pineapple and Orange flavors are her favorite)

Keira’s Pro-Tip: Don’t be afraid to fuel even though you might not think you’ll need it, rather than wishing for it mid-run. “I love the way it makes me feel. Listen, I’m running fast, I’m hurting, the gel gives me a moment of joy and helps with the hangry thoughts.” 

Keira D'Amato Drinks UCAN Energy

Keira D’Amato’s UCAN Fueling Strategy: 

  • Pre-load with fuel in the morning so that you go into your workout feeling strong and motivated. 
  • Make sure you fuel consistently in your workouts. On runs that last longer than an hour, Keira takes a UCAN Edge Energy Gel every 45 minutes. 
  • Recover well post-training. Keira can sometimes get lightheaded when she doesn’t get enough calories after a workout. She relies on her favorite Vanilla UCAN Energy + Protein immediately after a hard effort.
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