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Marathon Fueling with Pro Runners Sara Hall, Emma Bates and Coach Greg McMillan

Marathon Fueling with Pro Runners Sara Hall, Emma Bates and Coach Greg McMillan

In this blog, we dive into the fueling routines of some of the fastest women marathoners in the world. Marathon fuel is a broad and sometimes confusing topic, but advice from Marathon coach Greg McMillan and professional runners Sara Hall and Emma Bates will help you find a routine that works for you!

0:00 - Introduction to Greg McMillan, running coach.

3:15: - Greg discusses the importance of fueling for marathons.

11:45 - What’s the benefit of steady blood sugar?

13:50 - What makes UCAN unique in sports nutrition?

20:00 - Welcoming Sara Hall - 5th at the World Marathon Championships and 2nd at the London Marathon in 2020.

22:50 - Greg and Sara discuss how important it is to get fueling right when looking for success in the marathon.

35:45 - What is Sara Hall looking for from a pre-run energy source?

40:00 - Sara Hall’s UCAN regimen

50:00 - The difference in fueling with maltodextrin vs. UCAN

53:47 - Greg talks about the importance of proper recovery for both professional and recreational runners

1:00:50 - Sara’s recovery routine.

1:02:40 - Sara’s Race Day fueling routine.

1:06:30 - Using fast-acting carbohydrates with UCAN

1:07:00 - Sara Hall’s daily nutritional principles

1:09:50: - Welcoming Emma Bates, 7th at World Marathon Chapionships and 2nd at 2021 Chicago Marathon.

1:11:50 - Emma Bates’ marathon journey - from the first to her upcoming seventh 1:15:38 - What are the most common causes of GI distress?

1:23:50 - What brought Emma to UCAN?

1:32:00 - How Emma uses Edge to fuel her long runs

1:35:00 - Practice training with the Edge before Race Day

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