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Pro Runner Makenna Myler on Fueling for Distance Running

Pro Runner Makenna Myler on Fueling for Distance Running

"Where has this nutrition been hiding and why doesn't everyone know about it?"

The first few times Makenna Myler tried UCAN to fuel a workout, she had to make sure her mind wasn't playing tricks on her. "I've been doing this for so long that my mind kind of knows when I'm going to run out of energy," says Makenna, a pro runner training for the 2021 New York City Marathon. "On these long runs I've been doing with UCAN Energy, it's been so weird - I'm like where is this energy coming from? The sustainability and the consistency of the energy is wild to me."

Makenna knows her body well and pays particularly close attention to how she's feeling. She's noticed a big difference since she started incorporating UCAN into her nutrition plan.



UCAN for Workouts

When Makenna is fueling for a workout, she isn't looking for a "magic kick" that will give her a big jolt of energy. "What I was looking for was no dip in my already present energy levels, which is exactly what happened with UCAN," says Makenna. "After my run I'm like wait, I had no stomach issues at all during that run. Or after these long races, my stomach isn't cramping and that's been blowing mind."

For a long run, Makenna typically fuels with 2 scoops of Chocolate Protein + Energy about 1 hour before her run. During a run, she mixes Hydrate with 1 scoop of Cran Raz Energy. "It's kind of tricky at first, because you're like wait this is all I need? Because you're used to having so much more and packing way more to fuel you."

UCAN for Recovery

Makenna also utilizes the Chocolate Energy + Protein formula after her workouts to replenish energy and repair muscle. "It's weird not getting the insulin spike feeling and having this steady energy," says Makenna, "then feeling steady for my second run, or feeling ready for my next meal, but not starving in a way where you know your blood sugar has dipped too low and you have to eat everything in sight to feel satisfied. I like the taste, and I truly feel the recovery after taking it."



"I use UCAN every day, especially with marathon training," says Makenna. Her favorite is the Chocolate Almond Butter Energy Bar. "You need to hide them from me! I use it in the afternoon to curb hunger and it works. It's just the stability that it delivers, which sets up my system to make better choices. I love being able to get starches without the insulin spike."

As she gets ready to take on her first marathon, Makenna feels confident with UCAN by her side. "I've used it in between meals to curb hunger, I've used it before runs, and I've used before bed. I'm always pleasantly surprised at how good I feel with UCAN."

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