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The Smart Carb for Low Carb

The Smart Carb for Low Carb

Despite decades of research and the creation of a billion-dollar sports drink industry, there has been little innovation with respect to carbohydrate formulation. Many current formulas still rely on sugars with an emphasis on quick energy. A smart carbohydrate would provide a slower release and use of carbohydrate as fuel to avoid the spike and crash phenomena and extend maintenance of blood glucose, causing a low insulin impact and allowing increased breakdown and utilization of fat.

LIVSTEADY® represents an innovative solution that overcomes the negative qualities of existing carbohydrate drinks and is the energy solution for anyone on a low carb diet. LIVSTEADY is not a sugar or fiber. It's a complex carbohydrate or starch that is completely absorbed as energy (unlike a fiber) but doesn’t spike blood sugar or blood insulin making it a carbohydrate that’s compatible with a low-carb diet because it allows you to freely utilize fat for fuel.

“LIVSTEADY represents a major advancement and is legitimately the most exciting development in sports nutrition this century," says Dr. Jeff Volek, a leading researcher and author on low carb diets. "LIVSTEADY provides a carbohydrate source that delivers steady energy without blocking the ability to burn fat.”

The Authentic Origins of LIVSTEADY®

The development of LIVSTEADY evolved from an innovative product discovery of a food that could provide up to ten hours of energy (as glucose) for children with Glycogen Storage Disease, and for Diabetics who frequently experience episodes of low blood sugar during the night.

The patented and proprietary method for making the LIVSTEADY™ involves a hydrothermal (heat-moisture) treatment process to a non-GMO cornstarch, which significantly alters the metabolism of the carbohydrate in the body and causes it to break down slowly over time without causing a significant rise in blood sugar or insulin.

Since LIVSTEADY basically flat-lines insulin, the hormone kept at low levels on a low-carb diet, we finally have an energy-sustaining carbohydrate that doesn't block your body's ability to burn fat. The main factor for staying in ketosis and the primary goal of a low carb diet is keeping insulin levels low, which is a key feature of LIVSTEADY.

The slow-release of LIVSTEADY out of the intestine into the bloodstream stabilizes blood glucose for long periods of time, especially when in ketosis or on a low carb diet, as you've already trained your body to rely heavily on fatty acids for fuel.

How to Use LIVSTEADY® on a Low Carb Diet

LIVSTEADY is found exclusively in UCAN products for everyday nutrition and is the only energy source of its kind. UCAN’s powdered drink mixes and bars, powered by LIVSTEADY, can be used by athletes and individuals on a low carb diet in multiple ways:

  • Use UCAN Energy Powders 30 minutes prior to long and intense workouts to sustain your energy without a rise in insulin that limits your ability to burn fat.
  • Mix UCAN into a post-workout protein shake, especially after a hard session, to avoid a post-workout crash and replenish your glycogen without a rise in insulin that limits your ability to burn fat post workout.
  • At the beginning of the diet when you might suffer from the “low carb flu” and carb/sugar cravings, have a scoop of UCAN between meals to help maintain your blood sugar and improve compliance with the diet.

Remember, while there are carbohydrates in UCAN products, our LIVSTEADY carb behaves differently from traditional carb sources by breaking down slowly without a significant rise in blood sugar and insulin, making it the smart carb for those on a low carb diet.
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