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Twin CrossFit Stars Saxon and Spencer Panchik on Risks and Execution

Twin CrossFit Stars Saxon and Spencer Panchik on Risks and Execution

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Episode Summary We speak with CrossFit stars Saxon and Spencer Panchik about training and competing together as well as how being twins has affected the way they approach the sport. For most, living up to an older sibling's success is a deterrent when it comes to choosing a sport or similar endeavor. The opposite is true for Spencer and Saxon. It’s actually become a major factor that drives them in their pursuit to CrossFit excellence. The experience gained by their older brother, Scott Panchik, one of the greatest CrossFit athletes ever, has become the blueprint they leverage as they navigate their own journey in the sport. As twins, they have a built-in accountability partner when it comes to training at a high level everyday and growing a successful gym business. They credit a lot of their success to their ability to do three things really well: staying in control of their emotions, mastering proper execution and knowing when to take risks. Throughout our conversation, you’ll benefit from hearing how they use these skills to maintain a steady rise in the CrossFit global rankings year-after-year. Make sure to listen until the very end when they share a powerful story of how their fall from a 75-foot cliff when they were 12 years old led to where they are today!


Episode Notes:

(3:12) Getting to the Crossfit Games…

(7:49) Focusing on positive outcomes and the law of attraction…

(10:04) Managing expectations…

(13:56) Training, working, and strategizing together…

(18:02) “In training, we're pushing ourselves to fail. We are taking those risks every single day to see what's truly possible. And then when we get into competitions, we'll make those adjustments as needed.”

(21:23) It’s all about pacing.

(23:51) “At the end of the day, we're brothers, and we train together every day. And we're brothers before we're competitors.”

(25:43) Is there a Panchik mentality?

(28:22) A crazy accident and a new direction at 12…

(32:33) “It doesn't matter how many times you're knocked down. It's just standing up.”

(35:15) Q&A after the episode…



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