Why Stable Blood Sugar Matters

Most traditional sports nutrition products are loaded with sugar, and athletes tend to consume too much of them. Overusing sugar and causing a spike & crash in blood sugar levels can have negative effects on your performance, recovery, health and longevity.

Here are several compelling reasons why we should all strive to keep our blood sugar at a stable and healthy level.

Metabolic Fitness

Poor metabolic fitness reduces your brain function, energy levels and memory, and it increases your risk for chronic disease. Stable glucose levels that are in a healthy range can improve your metabolic fitness.

Steady Energy

Stable blood sugar keeps your energy levels steady throughout the day—allowing you to get more done in and out of the gym. Plus, you won’t need sugary treats for an extra boost of energy.

Athletic Performance

The opposite of performance is fatigue. You’re much less likely to become fatigued if blood sugar is steady for the duration of a training session. This means an increased ability to train harder for longer!

Body Composition

Stable blood sugar helps you burn fat efficiently. On the other hand, if you have a big surge in blood sugar by eating lots of simple carbohydrates right before you work out, your body has to burn them off first.

Hunger Control

The afternoon slump and subsequent trip to the candy bowl or coffee machine is often caused by dips in blood sugar. Keeping your blood sugar stable can help curb those midday cravings and avoid mindless snacking.

Focus and Cognition

When you’re hungry, your brain is being starved of glucose and you can experience brain hunger. Stable blood sugar helps you release steady energy to your brain, resulting in sharper focus, ability to think better and increased reasoning.

Long, Active and Healthy Life

Current research shows that 88% of Americans are not metabolically healthy. While being physically active can help improve your metabolic fitness, alone it will not make you metabolically healthy. For an athlete, improving fitness will positively impact focus, performance and recovery. But more importantly, your level of metabolic fitness can determine your ability to live a long, active and healthy life.

An important way to take control of and improve your metabolic fitness is to eat and fuel with foods that help regulate your blood sugar. LIVSTEADYTM, UCAN’s proprietary ingredient, is a complex carbohydrate that delivers a slow and steady release of glucose into the bloodstream, resulting in stable blood sugar levels.

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