Emma Bates Edge Sample Pack


***Get FREE Edge energy gel samples and just pay shipping! $14.95 discount automatically applied at checkout with code EMMASAMPLE. Offer only eligible to new customers in the U.S.***

There’s never been a better way to try the award-winning energy gels that fuel Team USA marathon runner Emma Bates! Edge energy gels are long-lasting and easy on the stomach.

The Emma Bates Edge Energy Gel Sample Pack includes:
🏃 4 Energy Gels – An assortment of our delicious Edge flavors!
⚡ 75+ minutes of energy per gel
❌ No sugar or caffeine, no spikes or crashes

    *Pay $9.95 for shipping. Limit of 1 sample pack per customer. Due to high demand, please allow up to 2 to 3 weeks for fulfillment!

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    UCAN’s proprietary, low glycemic carbohydrate breaks down slowly, delivering long-lasting energy with no spike and crash. Clinically proven to help keep blood sugar stable, LIVSTEADY supports sustained performance, enhanced fat burn and optimal energy levels.

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