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Don’t let fatigue limit your athletic performance or training. Powered by LIVSTEADYTM, a revolutionary energy source, UCAN powders help you give your best effort by delivering a steady stream of energy over time, all without the ups and down of sugars or stimulants.

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    UCAN’s proprietary, low glycemic carbohydrate breaks down slowly, delivering long-lasting energy with no spike and crash. Clinically proven to help keep blood sugar stable, LIVSTEADY supports sustained performance, enhanced fat burn and optimal energy levels.

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    Edge Starter Pack
    Energy Bar Starter Pack
    Energy Starter Pack
    Hydrate Starter Pack
    Training Starter Pack
    Edge Energy Stay Stocked Bundle
    Hydrate Jar Stay Stocked Bundle
    Energy + Protein Stay Stocked Bundle
    Energy Bar Stay Stocked Bundle
    Training Bundle


    Go Further Bundle
    On-The-Go Energy Bundle
    Energy Powder Packet Bundle
    Energy Powder Stay Stocked Bundle
    Energy and Electrolyte Bundle
    Energy Boost Bundle

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