Finding Mastery Training Sample Pack

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Our full line of supercharged exercise and recovery nutrition is right at your fingertips in this one powerful little box. UCAN products are specifically formulated to maintain stable blood sugar, the key to exercise performance and long-term metabolic health.

The Finding Mastery Training Sample Pack includes:

🏃 2 Energy Gels - Smooth & easy on the stomach energy in fruity Strawberry Banana & Pineapple flavors
⚡ 2 Energy Packets - Long-lasting, pre workout energy powder bursting with a Tropical Orange citrus flavor
💧 1 Hydrate Packet - Refreshing electrolyte replacement in a bright and vibrant Watermelon flavor. Flavors may very based on inventory.
💪 1 Hydrate + Aminos Packet - Crisp & citrusy Orange flavored post workout recovery

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Zero Sugar*

Easy on the Stomach

Hydration Anytime

*Not a low calorie food


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"A nice way to introduce oneself to an alternative energy source that’s not sugary. Great product."

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"Loved trying the starter pack! Such great products!"

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UCAN’s proprietary, low glycemic carbohydrate breaks down slowly, delivering long-lasting energy with no spike and crash. Clinically proven to help keep blood sugar stable, LIVSTEADY supports sustained performance, enhanced fat burn and optimal energy levels.

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Your Full Training Nutrition

Long-Lasting Energy

The patented, slow-burning LIVSTEADY carbohydrate sets Edge apart from any other on-the-go energy nutrition, delivering consistent energy so you won’t experience a spike & crash in performance.

No Sugar, No Stimulants

No sugar, no caffeine - nothing thing to slow you down - just clean, natural ingredients designed to help you reach peak performance, reduce muscle fatigue and optimize wellness.

Digests Easily

Gentle on the stomach, UCAN has a slow time-released absorption profile that provides steady energy to the muscles and brain without the bloating and bellyaches. Meet your personal physical performance goals and avoid GI distress.

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