TrackClubBabe Hydrate Sample Pack

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There's never been a better way to try UCAN's variety of Hydrate electrolyte powders, packed with 5 essential electrolytes. Each packet contains no sugar, no carbs and no caffeine, meaning zero spikes, crashes or jitters to remain easy on your stomach.

The Hydrate Starter Pack includes:

  • 3 Hydrate packets each of our 4 delicious flavors (12 total): Berry, Watermelon, Lemon-Lime, and Pineapple.
*Limit of 1 sample box per customer. Offer only valid for U.S. customers.

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No Sugar

No Calories

5 Essential Electrolytes

2x Magnesium

Naturally Sweetened

No Artificial Ingredients



UCAN’s proprietary, low glycemic carbohydrate breaks down slowly, delivering long-lasting energy with no spike and crash. Clinically proven to help keep blood sugar stable, LIVSTEADY supports sustained performance, enhanced fat burn and optimal energy levels.

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Replenish and Recharge

Zero Sugar, Zero Calories

Rehydrate healthier and skip the sugary sports drinks. Naturally sweetened with stevia and no artificial ingredients, UCAN is great for rehydrating during and after workouts, combating heat exhaustion and hydrating during illness.

Fast Dehydration Relief

Replenish your body like the pros with hydration formulated by an Olympic dietitian. Trusted by top professional and college athletes, as well as expert trainers and nutritionists.

2X More Magnesium

Optimize your workouts and boost your energy with two times more magnesium than other popular electrolyte products. UCAN is packed with five essential electrolytes to prevent fatigue and recover faster.

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