Melissa Meek

Melissa Meek

Runner. Animal Selfie Enthusiast. Finder of the silver lining

I owe my Marathon PR and running successes to UCAN.    For a Marathon I am able to take 2 scoops of UCAN Energy pre-race.  During, I bring 1.5 scoops of UCAN Energy Powder mixed with water in a bottle, plus a UCAN Snack bar, and I have the energy for 26.2 miles of spectator high-fives, animal selfies, engaging with fellow runners, and a strong finish!

My sweet tooth is fooled by the great taste of no sugar added UCAN, especially when I blend UCAN Energy + Protein Cocoa with unsweetened cashew milk, avocado, banana, or peanut butter. I can enjoy my smoothies and post-workout recovery drinks guilt-free.

The UCAN Hydrate Sticks mean I always have hydration on the go, replacing the electrolytes I’m sweating out and no gross, blue-colored stuff I don’t need.

Melissa Meek, Marathon Runner
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