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3 Reasons Why Runners Love UCAN

3 Reasons Why Runners Love UCAN
Running is amazing. We do it for freedom. We do it for that feeling you get afterwards. We do it for health. We do it for peace. We do it to get our competitive juices flowing. We do it for the amazing community. Whatever your reason is, it’s probably NOT because you enjoy bonking, having GI distress or forcing down sugary gels. Unfortunately, for many runners, those are all viewed as necessary evils. It doesn’t have to be that way and no one knows that better than an athlete using UCAN. Here are 3 reasons why runners love and trust UCAN to help them achieve the magic we seek from running, and avoid those not-so-pleasant moments.  

1) UCAN Gives You Steady Energy That Helps You Avoid the Bonk

The energy source that powers UCAN is called LIVSTEADY, a very complex carbohydrate that breaks down at a steady rate over time, almost like a time-released source of energy. Most sports nutrition is composed of simple sugars or maltodextrin, which provide a spike and crash effect, and you’re left managing the “sugary roller coaster.” If you have a misstep in your fueling protocol, then you might end up running out of energy or “hitting the wall.” Sugary sports nutrition provides energy for only about an hour or so, which is why these products require refueling every 30-45 minutes (for gels) or continuously sipping (for a drink), so that you can avoid the crash. UCAN, on the other hand, provides energy for several hours after you consume it. This has been demonstrated in several studies, including one from 2019 that showed energy still being released after 3 hours of running. The release is so prolonged, in fact, that it massively improved the lives of children with a rare metabolic disorder, the initial reason for UCAN’s existence. A large portion of UCAN’s running customers come to UCAN because of this steady feeling of long-lasting strong performance.

2) UCAN Reduces Your Chances Of GI Distress

The massive complexity of the LIVSTEADY molecule provides a second benefit – it is very easy on the stomach. Osmolality is a term describing how quickly a fluid clears the stomach, and the osmolality of LIVSTEADY is extraordinarily low (a good thing). “High osmolality means that there are lots and lots of small molecules in a given space, and each one of them needs to be transported (by water molecules) through the stomach barrier and into the gut,” says Bob Seebohar, former Olympic dietitian. “Since this process takes time and requires lots of water, it means fluids can slosh around in the stomach for a while, potentially causing problems.” Maltodextrin and simple sugar-based fluids have high osmolality, which is why many runners experience sloshing, bloating, stomachaches, nausea and unplanned porta-potty stops. GI distress is a miserable experience that affects both the enjoyment of running, and your performance, so be rid of it. Thousands of runners have become LIVSTEADY SuperFans for how quickly their GI distress disappeared once they made the switch to UCAN (including me).

3) LIVSTEADY Is A Healthy Way To Fuel With Little To No Sugar

Even if you’re a runner who has an iron stomach and can eat anything right before a run without having stomach problems, UCAN is still very compelling. LIVSTEADY, by its nature, has no sugar in it, and some of UCAN’s most loyal fans use it because of the long-term health benefits of avoiding sugar. Many runners chronically pump themselves full of sugary sports nutrition, which can have a detrimental effect on your body composition and health over time. Studies show that fueling the body with UCAN helps stabilize your blood sugar, which translates into fewer cravings, curbing hunger, and a preservation of your body’s ability to burn fat.


Running can be a blissful experience and one with so many benefits for the body and mind. UCAN is here to help you unlock your potential to have run after blissful run, free from energy spikes and crashes, GI distress and sugar. Happy running!
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