CrossFit Diet Plan for Longevity with Elite Athlete Scott Panchik

CrossFit Diet Plan for Longevity with Elite Athlete Scott Panchik

Crossfit is an evolving and unpredictable sport, because athletes do not necessarily know what events they will be competing in for competitions. CrossFit athletes need to be extremely fit and ready for any physical feat they need to accomplish.

It is vital for athletes, like Scott Panchik, to dial in both their physical training as well as their nutrition plan to put themselves in the best position possible to succeed at the CrossFit Games. While no day is exactly the same, here is an example of the nutrition plan that Scott implements to fuel peak performance.

Scott Panchik’s CrossFit Diet Plan

8:30 am: Scott wakes up and immediately drinks a glass of water mixed with UCAN Hydrate to start replenishing electrolytes he loses in sweat right away.

His breakfast consists of an omelette with three eggs, one egg white, spinach, potatoes, peppers, onions, and a bowl of oatmeal with berries. Scott drinks one cup of coffee once he’s finished with his food and continues to drink water.


10:30am: Scott heads into his gym at CrossFit Mentality for his first session and drinks a scoop of UCAN Energy and beta alanine separately in pill form. His morning session lasts usually about four hours, and includes a warmup, intervals of intense activity, mobility, rest, and hydration. Scott focuses on metcon workouts or high intensity intervals to start his morning sessions – to get his body used to weight lifting after already fatiguing his body with intense intervals.

As he transitions away from intervals to weight lifting, he sips on UCAN Energy + Protein throughout his workout mixed with a scoop of creatine monohydrate. This gives him the energy he needs to continue lifting, the protein to repair his muscles, and also allows him to eat lunch after working out normally – without feeling too full from a protein shake directly before lunch.

2:00pm: Scott makes his lunch! A balanced and filling meal of grilled chicken, coconut rice and mangos, fruit salad, greens, and light balsamic dressing. After lunch, about 45 minutes before he heads back to his gym, Scott will eat a UCAN Energy bar, which keeps him from crashing after lunch and doesn’t sit heavy in his stomach.

Sometimes, many people feel the dreaded 3 PM slump that is often exacerbated by a heavy meal. Scott needs to continue to take in many calories that he burns throughout the day, so UCAN Energy is a perfect alternative to huge meals: steady energy and no sluggishness!

3:30pm: Scott’s second training session occurs in the late afternoon and early evening. He’ll drink one more shake of UCAN Energy with beta alanine prior to a 2-3 hour training session that again focuses on intense intervals of conditioning.

Scott rests and hydrates with UCAN Hydrate and O2 Water throughout his gym sessions and finishes off with mobility, to keep his body limber and healthy despite the hard work he asks of it.

Some days, Scott wants to fit in a quick workout between his two main sessions and doesn’t have time to make a shake. The UCAN Edge is his favorite way to quickly get in fuel.

6:30-7:00pm: Dinner consists of lean meat, usually red meat or fish, potatoes or rice. Scott drinks water to rehydrate and makes sure to get in his vegetables with a salad or a dish like sautéed zucchini.

9:00pm: Despite his well-balanced CrossFit diet plan throughout the day, Scott often still needs to replenish his calories he’s burned with multiple workouts in the day, so he relies on UCAN’s various healthy snacks to serve as post-dinner treats.

He eats UCAN bars, Almond Butter or Energy Mix before he sleeps, which helps with his midnight hunger cravings and allows him to stay asleep by regulating his blood sugar.

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