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Distance Running Great Meb Keflezighi on a Masterful Mindset

Distance Running Great Meb Keflezighi on a Masterful Mindset

Episode Summary

Consistency, preparation and intention are words that can easily define 4x U.S. Olympian Meb Keflezighi and how he approached his craft as a runner everyday. Learn what Meb thinks set him apart from other athletes, how he sustained his elite level of performance for so long, and how he recovered from a near career ending injury in 2008 to have his greatest successes.


Episode Notes

(4:26) Where are you right now?

(6:13) What are the qualities that stand out in Meb, according to Bryan, Jon, and Meb

(9:31) Approaching races with a boldness… “I'm not super comfortable for the last lap, so I got to make it count beforehand.”

(11:41) Being a “chasee” and later becoming the “chased”... early college experiences that shaped Meb’s mindset…

(14:01) Developing patience, “ is one goal at a time, one event at a time.”

(16:06) Thoughts on risk versus reward…

(18:02) What went into building a sustainable career?

(21:08) Jon’s recounting of watching the Athens Olympic Marathon and Meb’s thoughts during the event…

(24:43) “No athlete in history has probably done more drills than Meb.” —Coach Bob Larsen

(26:50) “I'm going to plug your book here, Make the Leap. You have to be able to think better, train better, and all that comes to be run faster.”

(28:56) Sharing about a devastating injury in 2008 and a new perspective…

(36:07) Lessons learned while coming back from an injury…

(38:43) “You know, it’s mind-boggling what the body can do when it’s in the right mind frame.” Meb and Jon reflect on past injuries and healing.

(42:18) “...failure is just another building block towards a larger success in the future.”—Bryan - Meb shares habits that contribute to success.

(45:38) Meb’s relationship with UCAN… “The best thing you could do is get the right nutrition to help you accomplish whatever your goal is. And I think UCAN has done that for me.”

(49:24) Meb Foundation, being an intentional Dad, writing, and continuing to enjoy running…



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