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Record-Breaking Ultra Runner Coree Woltering on Blazing Your Own Trail and Staying True

Record-Breaking Ultra Runner Coree Woltering on Blazing Your Own Trail and Staying True

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Episode Summary: Ultra Runner Coree Woltering is not afraid of taking on big challenges and conquering them. Get an inside look into the mindset of one of the most ambitious runners in the world. For Coree, running ultra distances seems to as much about finding ways to get the most out of life as it is finding out if he can run the fastest known times on some of the world's hardest trails. “I just want to know how it feels. I ran my first 100-mile race because I was coaching some athletes, and one had signed up for a hundred-mile race, but I had never run a hundred-mile race, and I'm like, well, how am I supposed to coach somebody to do this if I don't know what it feels like. So that's why I signed up for my first one and loved it.”


Show Notes:

(4:04) Training for the next thing…

(5:37) Understanding the concept of the Fastest Known Time…

(10:18) Being exploratory AND competitive...

(12:21) “You can't think of it as the full distance. You have to break everything down into small, just micro-goals, to be able to get through it.”

(16:47) Balancing the personal challenge of a race with the logistical preparation for it…

(19:04) Dealing with the unexpected…

(21:15) How Coree chooses his races...

(24:45) “It's created a lot of opportunities to speak to different magazines, radio stations, podcasts, activist groups, and everything, and just get my story out there to help inspire other people. And just talk about issues in a way that doesn't feel threatening, but it's still like, ‘Hey, this is real life.’”

(27:34) Running through a divided country…

(29:49) What does training look like?

(32:12) “I think that's one of my other biggest qualities, even though I am extremely stubborn... I can also be very reasonable.”

(35:00) Fun projects coming up…



  • Ice Age Trail - website
  • Pinhoti Trail - website
  • High Lonesome 100 (Coree's next race) - website
  • Arizona Trail (Coree's October '21 run) - website



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