Fueling Your Personal Best

UCAN delivers lasting energy without the spike & crash of sugar-based fuels and powered Emma Bates to a personal best time in Boston!

“What I like most about UCAN is that I don’t get these huge swings in energy. I just feel consistent throughout, and it goes down easy!”

Emma's Marathon Nutrition Plan

Emma fuels her marathons with 1 UCAN Edge energy gel every 5k. During Boston, she consumed an Edge gel at every 5k water stop except for at 40k. She consumed a total of 7 gels to fuel her personal best marathon of 2:22:10. In training, Emma takes an Edge gel every 45-60 minutes, but she uses them more frequently when she’s racing. No matter how often she uses them, what Emma loves most about UCAN is that it never bothers her stomach.

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Why Emma Made the Switch to UCAN

Throughout her first 5 marathons, Emma struggled with GI distress from sugary fuels. “The spikes of my energy level were really jarring. I’d feel good for five minutes then completely crash, so I’d try to take more down which upset my stomach.”  Emma started incorporating UCAN in her training in early 2022 and hasn’t looked back since! We sat down with Emma for a deep dive on her marathon fueling. 

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