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Our mission has always been to help athletes unlock their full potential through smarter nutrition. We created Team UCAN to grow the movement and help make the world healthier, fitter, and faster.

  • Earn rewards for social posts
  • Early access to new products + exclusive offers
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Earn Rewards

Instagram Feed + Reels

1st Post

Welcome Kit

5 Posts

15% Discount

15 Posts

20% Discount

25 Posts

25% Discount + Free Shipping

Instagram Stories

5 Stories

$10 Store Credit

15 Stories

$15 Store Credit

30 Stories

$25 Store Credit

50 Stories

$50 Store Credit + Free Shipping


Each Approved TikTok is worth $10 Store Credit.

Limit 5 per ambassador.

How It Works

Sign Up

Sign up with your email and social handles on this page

Post on Social

Create content using UCAN and post on Social. Don’t forget to tag us in every post @genucan

Get Rewarded

Complete the tiers and participate in challenges to receive a reward

Bonus Opportunities

Instagram Post Bonus

When you hit an increment of 50 Instagram Posts, receive a 30% off one-time discount code.

Instagram Reels

Get 10K+ impressions on an IG Reel, receive a $25 Ucan Gift Card

Instagram Stories

Starting at 100 stories, every time you hit an increment of 50 stories, receive a $50 Store Credit

TikTok Trends Bonus

Take part in our monthly trending sounds challenge and get a $5 Site
Credit for Participating. If you get 5K+ impressions and go viral,
you’ll be eligible to win a $75 Gift Card!

Post Rules

How to Use Energy Powders

  • Members must have public Instagram and TikTok accounts. On Instagram, members must have at least 250 followers.
  • Posts must visibly display UCAN products or branding & tag @genucan
  • Maximum 2 tags per post (not counting people)
  • Only one post per day will count towards rewards.
  • Posts must not be made from accounts with no previous posts

Terms & Conditions

  • Post must visibly display UCAN products or UCAN branded bottle to be eligible.
  • UCAN may use Team UCAN member’s tagged photos for marketing purposes in perpetuity.
  • UCAN may update the rewards program terms & conditions at any time.

Got Questions?

Don't see what you are looking for here? Contact us.

How do I get rewarded?

Rewards will be sent to the email you register with when you hit posting levels. You MUST be a subscriber to the UCAN email list in order to receive rewards and information about Team UCAN. Subscribe to our email list at the bottom of this page.

What are the different ways I can get rewarded?

You can be rewarded through the Instagram platform through feed posts, Reels, and stories. As well as through TikTok.

How will I know if my posting has been approved?

You will receive an email within 48 hours of posting an IG Feed post, IG story, IG Reel or TikTok video letting you know it has been improved and how you are progressing towards your rewards level.

How do I ensure my post is valid?

Ensure you are posting from a public account, tagging @GenUCAN, and following the post, guidelines found < a href="">HERE.

How do I make sure my TikToks are eligible for rewards?

On TikTok, make sure you’re following @genucan and including @genucan in the caption of your videos.

What are my reward credits eligible towards?

Your reward credits are eligible for purchases at Rewards cannot be applied to subscription renewals or bundles.

How do my rewards credits and percents off work?

Product credit codes can be stacked with each other and are valid for 2 months from the date of issue. Percent off discounts, cannot be combined with credit codes and are valid for 2 months from the date of issue. They cannot be used on bundles or subscription.

When should I expect rewards?

You will receive an e-mail with your reward when you have hit posting levels with instructions on how to redeem your reward. You must be subscribed to UCAN’s email list in order to receive rewards.

When should I expect a bonus reward?

A bonus reward will be issued in the first few days of the start of a month from a previous month if you are eligible for one.

How many rewards can I earn in a month?

You can earn 1 reward per category in a 30-day span. If you take part in the TikTok Trending sounds, you can only earn the reward for participating once per month.

Will ALL my UCAN posts count towards rewards?

If you post a Reel or TikTok video, more than once in a week time frame, only 1 of the videos will count towards your rewards. If you post more than 10 stories in a month, only the first 10 will be counted towards your rewards. If you make more than 6 feed posts/Reels in a month, only 6 will count towards the reward levels.

What happens when I meet the highest reward level advertised?

Once you meet the highest reward level advertised, you will be eligible for advertised bonus levels, as well as the following: IG Feed Posts/Reels Posts – every 25 posts beyond 25 posts, you will receive a 25% discount, except when you qualify for the IG Post bonus. Ex. 75, 125, 175 etc.. IG Stories – every 25 stories after 50 stories, gets you a $20 store credit, except when you qualify for the IG Stories Bonus. TikTok – Beyond the 5, we will continue to reward you for participating in TikTok challenges and other specific content asks.

Can I get rewarded on any other social platforms?

While we encourage you to share on other platforms, rewards will be recognized for posts on Instagram and TikTok.

Can I get additional rewards by posting from multiple accounts?

Each person can only receive rewards connected to posts from one Instagram account.

Can I join the program if I live outside of the United States?

Our program is open to everyone, but at this time we are only able to ship rewards to a U.S. address.

What if I didn’t receive my reward?

Please contact