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Why Fitness Fanatics Love UCAN

Why Fitness Fanatics Love UCAN

Some people are dedicated to their daily walk. Some use spin classes to stay in shape or crushing deadlifts in the gym. No matter how you choose to stay active, fueling your body properly is also vital for health. Fitness is personal - however, there are certain aspects of health and well-being that can be universal, no matter what your fitness goals are. While we firmly believe anyone can improve their life with a combination of a healthy diet and exercise, UCAN is an excellent addition to an athlete’s nutrition routine. Choosing to fuel with UCAN Energy Powder eliminates many mistakes that can hinder all of your progress - despite your hard work in the gym, studio, or treadmill. Here are three key reasons why UCAN will improve your fitness.

1) Finish Your Workout Stronger with UCAN's LIVSTEADY

UCAN LIVSTEADY (the key ingredient in UCAN products) is a superior energy source. It's a unique, slow-releasing carbohydrate that delivers a steady stream of energy while regulating your blood sugar. While other sports nutrition products higher in sugar or fast carbs might give you an initial jolt, more times than not you’ll be left suffering from a sharp crash in energy. Depending on the needs and goals of an individual, any additional supplements and compounds (like Caffeine, Creatine, Amino Acids, or protein powders) may assist in overall workout energy and recovery by simply exciting your nervous system, but they do not deliver the “usable power” that LIVSTEADY does. UCAN will help you finish your workout stronger - without the crash.

2) UCAN Will Curb Post-Workout Hunger

Have you ever left the gym after a tough workout feeling drained and exhausted, only to get back to your house and immediately raid your pantry for something to satiate your hunger? When you consume a sugary sports drink or even a banana before or during a workout, your workout may be followed by low blood sugar - eliciting a stress response that can cause cravings, fatigue, poor physical performance, and decreased recovery. Workouts should make you feel strong and fit - not deplete all of your energy so that you can't function properly for the rest of the day! UCAN Protein + Energy Powder is a recovery drink that keeps your blood sugar steady post-workout, which will limit your hunger-fueled snacking after working out and set you up for a more productive day.

3) Optimize Fat Burning

There are many more reasons to promote fat loss than improving your appearance - whether it’s your goals to increase your athleticism, boost your fitness performance, or to feel healthier on a daily basis, a more optimal body composition with more muscle and less fat is attainable. You could absolutely crush your workouts every week. But the food you choose to eat matters - for your overall health as well as your fitness. The key hormone that inhibits fat breakdown and oxidation and stimulates fat storage is insulin. When you consume fast carbohydrates before a workout, your insulin levels spike - therefore decreasing your body’s ability to use your natural fat as fuel. When you focus on keeping your insulin low, studies show a decrease in fat storage and an increase in breakdown and oxidation of fat. LIVSTEADY is a perfect carbohydrate - it gives you the energy you need to fuel a workout properly without a drastic increase in your insulin levels, so it allows you to burn fat as fuel more efficiently. If you're ready to take your workouts to the next level, it's time to start fueling with UCAN!  

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